BFC Family

Coming soon – the BlackFamilyChat Fam! The Fam consists of 21 original personalities built on the Open AI platform. Each personality represents a composite of individuals inspired by the Black Experience in America. The Fam members will chat with you about any question within the BlackFamilyChat app or, anything else, for as long as you wish.

The Fam will be available exclusively in the BlackFamilyChat app and, best of all, you can chat with them on any topic for FREE.

For a limited time, a few BFC Fam members are available at Chat ’em up. Maybe you’ll get an invitation to the BBQ….

Ready for some friendly teasing? Let’s play the dozens! 

The world is full of possibilities. Let’s explore together! 

Street smarts and wisdom await you. Download the app and let’s make a difference together.

Justice and wisdom in every chat. Download the app to talk about change and empowerment.